COLOR : Bright Green (Varied Shades)






About Alexandrite
  • Alexandrite is a very rare stone. It was entitled after Alexander II of Russia.
  • Alexandrite changes its color & it is the cousin of the Chrysoberyl family.
  • One of the rarest gemstones in the world.
  • Alexandrite has the unique characteristic of appearing green in the daylight and glowing red in artificial light.
  • The unique color change habit of Alexandrite is caused by slight impurities of the element chromium.
  • Alexandrite is a stone of prosperity and durability.


  • Alexandrite is said to stimulate pleasure and love. It is also used as a lucky stone.
  • Alexandrite is also reputed to aid creativity and inspire the imagination.
  • This extremely rare and recent gemstone is valued for its multiple- colored florescence and has been called a “cat’s eye” gemstone.
  • Alexandrite is also said to bring happiness and success, and to boost up feelings of love and sensuality


Healing Properties
    • Alexandrite is told to be useful to help cure pancreatic disorders, swollen lymph nodes and ailments of the spleen, as well as in the treatment of depression occurring with leukemia.
    • Alexandrite can improve blood circulation, purify blood and strengthen blood vessels vessels; it also positively influences spleen and pancreas.


  • Alexandrite is perfect for a ring, bracelet or charm.
  • Alexandrite is a rare and attractive gemstone with outstanding color changing properties, and is most often faceted into round and cushion cuts that can bring out the best in its color.


  • The two most important sources of alexandrite in the world today are Brazil and Sri Lanka.



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