Leopard skin Jasper

About Leopard skin Jasper

  • The leopard skin gemstone variety, which is checkered with red, yellow, brown and pinkish spots like the fur of a leopard.
  • It is considered to be a most awesome companion gem which helps in bringing the things in life which we want.
  • It develops and protects, and can energize innovative perception.
  • leopard skin jasper helps in self healing, and also encourage the desire to be of service to others.
  • It will help children to build up a healthy bond with animals.
  • It is considered to be the primary stone for cat.




  • Leopard skin jasper is known as a stone of global awareness, reminding the wearer of one’s connection with nature.
  • Wear leopard skin jasper necklace it will be an advantage because it comes directly contact to skin.
  • Leopard skin jasper helps you to look and feel younger and this is also a stone of rebirth.
  • Leopard skin Jasper is a good stone for those who need assistance with their organizational abilities.
  • The gemstone teaches the owner not to judge and you shall also not be judged.
  • Leopard skin Jasper is also helpful and gives protection during your travelling. It also protects from all types of negativity while grounding at the same time.
  • Leopard skin Jasper is known as a stone of global awareness, which helps the wearer of one’s connection with nature.
  • Many spiritualists believe that leopard skin jasper is a powerful stone for attracting what the wearer needs – whether it be physical or emotional.



Healing Properties

  • It helps in curing skin problems, especially for those who have viral origins.
  • It will cures the infection and is good for animal bites and insect wounds.
  • It will help the user in emotional healing after a nervous breakdown or trauma.
  • Leopard skin Jasper gemstone helps to attract anything you need for physical healing and brings it in your life.
  • It is also believed by some to specifically aid with strengthening the thighs and spine, and keep regulatory organs and glands (such as the brain, heart, thyroid, etc.) functioning properly. Some also feel leopard skin jasper is useful for removing toxins from the body.



  • Many people use Leopard Skin Jasper to create gemstones for jewellery and other ornaments for its extraordinary animal pattern.




  • LeopardSkin Jasper is found primarily in Mexico.


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