COLOR : Bright Green (Varied Shades)






About Kornerupine
  • Kornerupine gemstone was first described in 1884 which was occurred in Fiskernaes in South West Greenland. It was named in honor of the Danish geologist, Andreas Nikolaus Kornerup (1857-1883).
  • It occurs in a rich volcanic and sedimentary rocks which have undergone high grade of transformation. It is an oxide of magnesium, aluminum, silicon, and boron, with hydroxyl.
  • Kornerupine is regarded as a gemstone when it is found in crystal green to yellow shades. Kornerupine gemstones can also be faceted or cut into cabochons.


  • It helps the one to realize the importance of this lifetime by teaching that each moment is precious and important by encouraging the user to stay in the present and since you are still in this human form.
  • This gemstone is considered best for understanding of the purity of one’s life. It helps the wearer in seeing beyond the false image of this world. It helps to stabilize and calm the emotions and to bring purify to ones character.
  • It enhances teaching ability, communication and clarity.


Healing Properties
    • Kornerupine also helps to regenerate energy in the body.


  • Kornerupine is suitable to make jewellery from this stone because of its hardness and is gaining popularity in the gemstone market.


  • Kornerupine is found in Ratnapura – Sri Lanka, Betroka – Madagascar, Harts Range – Australia, Kenya and Greenland.


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