Lemon quartz

About Lemon Quartz

  • Lemon quartz is known as a hexagonal silicon dioxide crystal. The gemstone is a very beautiful and attractive stone which has a dazzling lemon yellow sparkle in it.
  • It is generally visible in gold and silver that highlights the rich yellow color of gemstone. This gemstone is available everywhere and is most popular among all the jewellery lovers.
  • Lemon quartz mostly shows a deep yellow-orange color. It can also be considered as green gold, lemon citrine or lemon topaz due to its changing shades of yellow. This mineral-based gemstone can be found naturally when walking along river sides or on beds where volcanic activity has deposited molten wastes long time ago.
  • Twelve percent of the earth’s crust is made of quartz, by making it the most available mineral on the earth. Lemon quartz is faceted to catch light,which makes a dazzling lemon-yellow sparkle.




  • It increases positive thinking and also makes clarity of communication by removing anger, self-doubt and depression of the owner if this stone.
  • Lemon quartz jewellery such as a ring or pendant can be worn in contact with the skin to enhance test taking skills or to perform well during an interview.
  • Yellow color of this gemstone signifies optimism, well being and creativity. It also helps the wearerin performing deep meditation and increase his focus on goals.
  • It is considered to be the best in making the mind clean and clear which in turn makes our point of view very clear for the future. The gemstone is well known to take out all the evil thoughts from the mind. It brings one’s mind into focus by expanding thoughts and information.



Healing Properties

  • Lemon Quartz helps to cure illness, pain and injury of its wearer.
  • It also encourages control over negative thoughts and relieve the mind from anger and jealousy.



  • Lemon quartz is ideal for making jewellery. It can be used either in silver or gold jewellery which is usually cut in large sizes. It can also used to make ornaments like rings, pendants, earrings, etc.




  • The most famous sources include Brazil and Africa. Most of the world supply of lemon quartz comes from Brazil and also it is mined in Brazil.


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