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About Sphene


  • Sphene can also be called as Titanite which helps to calm the emotions and soothe the heart.
  • It line up the spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies, stimulating healing and/or improving health.
  • Sphene is an excellent stone for calming the mind and getting rid of the negative energy you might be holding onto.
  • Sphene name comes from the word “sphen” meaning “wedge shaped”, as it normally occurs in wedge shaped crystals.
  • Sphene is predominantly green or yellowish-green, though occasionally it is found in pink, black or brown and every color of the rainbow mixed.




  • Sphene is a stone that promotes enlightenment.
  • It is used during meditation and rituals. It works to improve the mind and the processing of information.
  • It brings a gentleness to those who use it.
  • It can also help us to reflect who we truly are and allows this light to shine brightly on everyone with whom you come into contact.
  • Affects love, empathy, selflessness and devotion.



Healing Properties

  • Sphene relieves a person from stress and keeps the emotions under control. It makes a person religious, spiritual and emotional. It also helps in forming close bonding with various god-goddess(Devi-Devas). It enhances the ability to communicate.
  • Sphene stone increasing the red blood cells in the body. It maintains a balance between the red and white blood cells. This stone solves any problems related to the skull or the head. It lowers body temperature, decreases swelling in the body and prevents any sort of skin diseases.
  • It cures dental problems. It even strengthens the whole immune system so that the person wearing it is not prone to any diseases.



  • Sphene used for accessing ancient ages geologist uses it to do carbon testing



  • Location Mexico, Brazil, Canada, USA, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Switzerland, Italy, Pakistan and Russia.


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